AIME API Server - The Scalable Model Inference API Server

With AIME API one deploys deep learning models (Pytorch, Tensorflow) through a job queue as scalable API endpoint capable of serving millions of model inference requests.

Turn a console Python script to a secure and robust web API acting as your interface to the mobile, browser and desktop world.

The central part is the AIME API Server, an efficient asynchronous HTTP/HTTPS web server which can be used stand-alone web server or integrated into Apache, NGINX or similar web servers. It takes the client requests, load balances the requests and distributes them to the API compute workers.


  • Fast - asynchronous and multi process API server

  • Scalable & Robust- distributed cluster ready architecture

  • Secure - type safe interface and input validation

  • Aggregates API requests to GPU batch jobs for maximum throughput

  • Easy integratable into exisiting Python and Tensorflow projects

  • High performance image and audio input/ouput conversion for common web formats

  • Pythonic - easily extendable in your favourite programming language