Setup AIME API Server

Setup the environment

We recommend creating a virtual environment for local development. Create and activate a virtual environment, like ‘venv’ with:

python3 -m venv venv
source ./venv/bin/activate

Download or clone the api server:

git clone

Then install required pip packages:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Optional: install ffmpeg (required for image and audio conversion)


sudo apt install ffmpeg

Start the API server

To start the API server run:

python3 [-H HOST] [-p PORT] [-c EP_CONFIG] [--dev]

Optional command line parameters:

  • [-as, --api_server] : Address of the AIME API Server. Default:

  • [-H, --host] : Host address of AIME ML API Server. Default:

  • [-p, --port] : Port of AIME ML API Server. Default: 7777

  • [-s, --server_config] : Destination of server config file. Default: model_api_server.cfg

  • [-c, --ep_config] : Destination of endpoint config file or folder. Default: ./endpoints

  • [--dev] : Run the server in debug/development mode

  • [-wp, --worker_processes] : Number of api server worker processes. Default: 1

  • [--hide_logging] : Hide logging in console

  • [--no_colour] : No level colours in logger